Metro Atlanta has a lot of great Southern Style restaurants, and there are many different styles of Southern cooking, the most popular being Comfort Food. Sure you can find the tried and true meat and three restaurants as well as barbecue, but as the landscape changes, the definition of what is comfort food has changed as well.

Hoboken Cafe was founded on the premise that Fast Food should be delicious, fresh, and different. Taking from the hundred year tradition of Hoboken, NJ, we’ve decided to bring the favorites to you. From the traditional Ham, Salami and Fresh Made Mozzarella (made onsite as well) to the Chicken Parmesan, every sandwich is made on premise, freshly laid on our Hoboken style hoagie made especially for the Cafe and found nowhere else in the area. Our reasons are simple. We wanted an authentic East Coast “canvas” to paint our creations on and this was the only option.

We make our food the right way. We make it from scratch. Our food is developed to bring everything we love about Hoboken here so the Yankee transplants can continue to enjoy all the love and comforts of home while helping educate some of your Southern Neighbors what a Muzz-a-dell sang-a-wich is and how it ALWAYS should be!