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Keep watching this space for new and/or limited availability treats!

Rainbow Cookies (Special Order) and Jersey Style Crumb Cake are the SPECIAL treats for this month.  (Mouth watering pictures to come)

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Here at Hoboken Café on Whitlock we are offering the traditional Italian Foods generations of families have been eating in Hoboken New Jersey for over 100 years. Our grandfather came from Naples, Italy and arrived in Hoboken 1904.

After hearing over and over that you cant find the northern style sandwiches, the bread, the Mozzarella etc, we decided to bring to Marietta “ a little taste of Hoboken.” (New Jersey that is)! In keeping our menu small we provide the freshest foods – nothing fancy just Simple and Quick! That’s how it was… and still IS today! Many of the sandwiches that we are serving are the same served in Hoboken New Jersey since 1913 – 102 years?

In keeping tradition, Our Bread is specially made, the sausage is from Jersey, our Hot Dogs are 100% Beef, Our Tuna is Fancy White Albacore and our Mozzarella is prepared fresh IN STORE every morning. TRUE fresh made Mozzarella is hard to find for several reasons. Mainly it only retains its juicy tender-texture for several hours after being prepared and served within the same day of preparation. After refrigeration it remains good for 4-5 days although becomes more solid as the natural milk chills and becomes more firm. (Typically same as you would purchase in a grocery that is pre-packaged.)

Look our menu over and lets get you something GREAT to eat! Now don’t forget to save room for the Cheesecake – it’s Delicious!!!

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